bitcoin chart analysis today

 bitcoin chart analysis today

#Bitcoin Update (continued)

🔶 Bitcoin launches a fake wave and this happened to liquidate the retail traders who opened a short position and now the price is back to where it was. It is currently trading under the $20,000 level.

🔶 We see the next major resistance near the $20,100 level. The main resistance remains near the $20,400 and $20,500 levels. A clear move above the $20,500 resistance could push the price towards $21,200.

🔶 The next major support is near the $19,600 level. The main support is seen near the $19,500 level. A clear break below the $19,500 support level could start a significant decline. 

bitcoin chart analysis today

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 22 ~ Extreme Fear

Current price: $19,924

Stay tuned for more!! ✅

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