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 Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Swipe is not just a protocol supported by a distributed network.

Rather, Swipe is both a software and digital wallet ecosystem designed together to allow users to buy and spend money and crypto assets across physical and digital locations. 

Created by a for-profit company, Swipe wallets can be connected to Visa debit cards and smartphone applications, providing an experience familiar to traditional mobile wallets. This includes customized benefits for cardholders, such as the ability to receive up to 8% cashback in Bitcoin and a free Spotify account.

However, the Swipe wallet is enhanced with several new features made possible only by the introduction of its traditional cryptocurrency, SXP.

For example, Swipe does not charge for its debit card. Instead,
users enter SXP points to get a debit card with added value. 
The more SXP token users close exclusive contracts with Swipe Network, the more profit they get.

By depositing a minimum of SXP 30,000, a user can be upgraded to a special debit card eligible to receive 8% Bitcoin cashback and a free Netflix and Spotify account.

Swipe says it handles other services such as savings accounts, credit card and customer payment processing services. For more regular updates from the Swipe team, you can subscribe to the Swipe blog.

What is Swipe (SXP) Coin Crypto? What Does Swipe Coin Work? what does swipe coin do? How to Buy Swipe Coin (SXP) Crypto? what does swipe token

What Does Swipe Coin Work?

The Swipe Network uses the Ethereum blockchain to hold crypto deposits on behalf of users and provide them with various benefits.

However, the platform also operates an unchainable API that enables compatibility with traditional payment infrastructure and thus provides features such as customer payments.

Swipe Wallet

Anyone who wants to use the Swipe feature can do so through Swipe Wallet.

The digital wallet app allows users to invest and buy directly into the 30+ cryptocurrencies offered by Swipe. Additionally, the wallet can be used to hold crypto assets and convert one cryptocurrency to another.

At the heart of the Swipe environment
 is the ability for users to pay customers using the Swipe Card. In this case, smart contracts in the network will automatically convert any cryptocurrency stored in the wallet into the payment needs that customers accept at the point of purchase.

Users can manage their cards through the wallet app and add the required SXP funds to upgrade their cards at any time.

How to Buy Swipe Coin (SXP) Crypto?

SXP as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum and as a BE-2 token on Binance Chain. This allows you to easily store SXP in any cryptocurrency wallet that supports these two token types. These include wallets like Trust Wallet and MetaMask.

You can also find information about the exchange rate of SXP and the exchange rate of the currency. This includes SXP to USD, SXP to BTC and other exchanges

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